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March I made some changes in my life

So in March I made some changes in my life in regards to food.
Originally I was doing interment fasting, fasting every Monday with a group of women #NewFastGirl. During this time of fasting I was able to see what and why I was eating.
I was able to gain some serious understand in regards to my connection or relationship with food. I had no relationship with food I just ate because you are supposed to eat and certain times of the day. I did not pay attention to what I ate at all. Going out to eat was so difficult because I had so many options, nothing was off limits.
The 1st week of march I made a change – I didn’t say how long I was going to do something I just said I was going to do it. I took some b4 pictures I joined a work out challenge #LTGKTB and I said to myself – Try it out. THIS IS NOT A DIET, is what I said.
*Sidenote; I grew up with a mother that was on diets most of my life I HATE DIETS so I in my almost 40 yrs I have never been on a diet. I pray over my food….. Then I eat …