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To help you get through work

When you have a 6month old work 40 hours a week and take the train an hour in and out and planning a wedding on a BUDGET! You can sometimes find joy in DUMBSHIT. Just because.
I do understand that i could be writing about how beautiful my son and my life are HOWEVER. that would be just a tad bit boring.
so this is to help get you through your work day.

OH shit... Danger Ray J of Love

OH shit - Danger from Ray J of love.... not so innocent!!

I knew there was something about her that I just didn't really like. She gave off this really too good for your dumb shit attitude. But you are on a reality show in hopes of becoming the girlfriend of the muthafukka who released his OWN sex tape. Com on!!

So lets be real when you thought about coming on the show you had to have at least a tad bit of HOE in you.

So in my random searching while I was at work I come across this.

PORN NUDE BUSH.... it was to nasty to keep in my blog sorry

Maybe this is what she calls artistic, and I guess it is, im not the judge.

Then I was like they have only showed one ep. of your show and now you at the Grammy’s …. Really Monica really

Ray J of love

2nd ep.

Nothing stands out. They are fake. 1st why would you think ray j is really gone fall in love with you, really.

the big girl is gone and the mexican girl that said nigga( i was pleased with that)

when he had the girls do a video cam talk i was like i have dated a dude on the road and i for sure would not give him a painting. YOU CANT PAINT. that shit looked BAD.

a rapp....o my lord this hoe was terrible 100% bad "if it aint about dollars it aint about Nathan" who is Nathan?? silly bitch, get off my tv.

chardonnay was the best to me, she did a poem that was not bad and then a banana split on her body. it was fresh. The big girl did a belly dance and it was ALL belly.

the hoe danger goes on a date with ray j and makes out with him. 2nd ep. FOR REAL is the rock of love?? LOL

but really i was most bothered by what they wore, on a yacht. now i am not a baler however i have seen enough movies to know that going on a big ass boat is NOT like going to the beach. they had on be…

Ray J of love coming soon

So i really had all intention to have my ray j blog up however. Im in L.A. and there was slow speed chase on tv and i was distracted. folks thought it was DJ Khalid. but it was a regular ass balling business man in a white Bentley.

Bentley leads police on slow-speed chase in Los Angeles

tonight i got you tho.... raj j coming soon

The Real Clip

Black Dynamite

I only Found out about this, last week.

Some Folks LOVE IT!! To me it seems rather CornBall.

But This is just some shit, you Prolly should know about
AND its funny for the most part.

Some info: Michael Jai White stars as Black Dynamite, a man who used to work for the CIA. When his brother gets killed by “the man” and he finds out that “the man” is feeding the local orphans dope, he sets his sights on a path of ass-whooping. No one is immune from Black Dynamite’s fists and guns. The movie has gunplay, kung fu, sex and smack talk. It might not be your cup of tea, but that doesn’t stop this trailer from being awesome

Hope you LOVE It read more about it and have a GREAT DAY.

For The Love of RAY J

The women, I mean girls are outrageous and I love it. I do I do.

It appears that it is going to be a pretty foolish show. Tons of jokes and Do Yo Daddy Know you do it like THAT!moments

So I wont recap the show but I WILL recap the women in no particular order –
Picture then Name:

Danger: tattoo on her face. Wack wack wack. She is pretty, really however get your shit right you going for the pin up thing with the fire red lips?? If you gone do it do it. She made it seem like she was better then the other girls because they were all over him. "they are making themselves look like sluts" BUT you got on panties and bra. Now I am no angel but if you walking around in your panties and bra just like the "sluts" whats that make you. I'm just saying.
She is very pretty in that racially confused kinda way. Chardonnay: 100% why we watch shows like this, who are these girls that feel that strongly about shit. She was feeling no kinda way about pulling her leg up over head and ba…