OH shit... Danger Ray J of Love

OH shit - Danger from Ray J of love.... not so innocent!!

I knew there was something about her that I just didn't really like. She gave off this really too good for your dumb shit attitude. But you are on a reality show in hopes of becoming the girlfriend of the muthafukka who released his OWN sex tape. Com on!!

So lets be real when you thought about coming on the show you had to have at least a tad bit of HOE in you.

So in my random searching while I was at work I come across this.

PORN NUDE BUSH.... it was to nasty to keep in my blog sorry

Maybe this is what she calls artistic, and I guess it is, im not the judge.

Then I was like they have only showed one ep. of your show and now you at the Grammy’s …. Really Monica really


  1. She is married and just had a baby.

    You heard it here first.

  2. But yeah, last week I heard on Power 106 that she has a recent porn past.
    I can see it.
    I wonder if it is her husband in the video???



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