Hot Pink 9/30


hot pink blush
isnt getting much use
these day

get’em girl jeans
aint gettin no love
these days

flip flops
more often than heels
these days

lucky to find the time
for pedicures
or manicures

peanut butter
and banana
with a green smoothie

quick and easy
in between laundry
and breast feeding

I got my nails done

felt guilt while I was gone
like I was being sneaky

Husband said I need to do it more often
I deserve it
Son wanted to go next time
so he can paint them for me
both my men said I looked pretty

I still washed dishes that night
I still made dinner
gave the baby a bath
and nursed her til she fell asleep

but I did it with hot pink
barbie nails


  1. in my head, after the last line, i added "boom."

  2. Cute...and so well, deserved. Get em girl!

  3. . . lots of 'stuff' here .. woman stuff, soical stuff, love stuff . . life stuff.
    pretty much love this

  4. I love this! The break in the middle is squeezed into the poetic form just as it had to be in the speaker's day, making the surprise response from her men even more delightful.


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