NaPoWriMo #1

I’ve always wanted to have manners
that of a southern bell
or african princess
invited to the debutante ball

I was not
in the running for best behaved

it is difficult to remind my children to say
please and thank you

as I rarely remember myself

I’ve set my goal on being a lady
not a woman or a girl


my poverty is showing
I drink beer
I drink it from the bottle
I have no clue on table settings
dining room tables
were replaced with TV trays
and comfy couches
family conversation
can't be heard over the blare of the tv
I can pee outside
standing up

In my 20’s when my breast were perky
years befour nursing
I could be seen
strolling the stress
in a beater
no bra
cargo pants and sneakers

with no stocking
on Sundays

I really wanted to be a southern bell
going to the debutante ball

I wasn't born in the south
not even south central
I’m far from the most hoodest girl you will met
not nearly the most proper

not a southern darling
enough to correct your behavior
but I got coretta convection
Mississippi burning
clans men coming
fist in the air marching

don't count me out

behind the red locs and freckles
behind the poverty childhood
with in the check to check living
I am a lady
crossed at the ankles
no elbows on the table



  1. Love this poem ...keep I can read more.


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