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wedding planning and the rest of the week

There is only one way your husband should react to saying i do.
I got that JOY JOY JOY JOY down in my heart!!

So lets see we are just about 5 months exactly away.

I will put the deposit on the location this week... YAY for tax refunds !!

I have a wedding planner now: Eboni aka Judy Holiday-

She loves me, she understands i may be calm and chill now BUT will prolly act crazy come August, I think she is ready, and like i said she loves me:

she came by the other night and we made it happen, i changed my colors again. I think i have my photographer and my invitation website, thats gonna be fresh a wedding website LOL.

In reality TV. i missed everything this week with overtime and wedding planning i cant find time for my shows LOL

but i did see I love money: poor bones =( i dont know what they were thinking.

MUSIC: I listen to this song a few times this morning and it made me feel great. I love good music.


have a strong and successful week.

its NOT in vain

Please baby Please

Because Nikki Likes Books Babies and Black People

For nikki + plus updates

Ok now we can really get some planning jumping off. Im going to go and put the deposit on the location next month for sure.

After that I really don’t all the way know. I have a wedding planner now even though I haven’t met with her yet, she is one of my best friends we can knock this out in no time.

Speaking of friends NIKKI BLAK is having a birthday again this year. I guess she gone have one every year for the next 90 or so years so I betta get to remembering. I have been low key looking for gifts for her since like Jan. I aint found shit.

So I thought I would put together a lil montage of video’s for her from now until her birthday

The first video for nikki is. We don’t rock tracks like that.

Cuz what nik can do is some HAIR.

This video really touched me because how she spelled MESS. Im confused

Im sure you are wondering how come i have not talked about the great reality television that i have been watching. so let me just recap.

I Love Money: how old is safari? her voice is killing m…

Its Friday

because it is Friday and so far i have not done one more thing to plan this weeding outside of looking at magazine.

in goodnews my lil sweet six month old is in his own room.

so have a laff on me:

This lil girl made my morning

The wedding Count down BEGINS

Let the Count Down Being.
Our wedding is Set for August 16, 2009 3:00pm

For the record it is NO easy task to plan a wedding with little to no money, working a FULL time Job, caring for a 6 month old and still trying look good for your partner. No matter how much you are in love its work to plan a wedding on a TIGHT budget.

Every day i think, Lets just go to the court house on Wednesday I'll take a long lunch or something. LOL

But instead we keep planning.
My girlfriend said something MOST important. " do you want a Wedding or a Marriage" we i said marriage, she said then everything else will work out.

so i will from time to time update you on the planning of this wedding.

We have the location (for the most part) Its a place in Pasadena and because i am still planning and i have not put my deposit down all you will get is a picture. cant have you up and steal my location.

$2,400 for reception and ceremony i think its a really good price. It seats 175 people. the wedding …