The wedding Count down BEGINS

Let the Count Down Being.
Our wedding is Set for August 16, 2009 3:00pm

For the record it is NO easy task to plan a wedding with little to no money, working a FULL time Job, caring for a 6 month old and still trying look good for your partner. No matter how much you are in love its work to plan a wedding on a TIGHT budget.

Every day i think, Lets just go to the court house on Wednesday I'll take a long lunch or something. LOL

But instead we keep planning.
My girlfriend said something MOST important. " do you want a Wedding or a Marriage" we i said marriage, she said then everything else will work out.

so i will from time to time update you on the planning of this wedding.

We have the location (for the most part) Its a place in Pasadena and because i am still planning and i have not put my deposit down all you will get is a picture. cant have you up and steal my location.

$2,400 for reception and ceremony i think its a really good price. It seats 175 people. the wedding will be outside the reception will be inside. with a bar if we want. plenty of parking and great locations for pictures. some awsome architecture and beautiful landscaping. For the most parts i am 100% pleased with the spot. But until i give them some money.
I still have options. I want to make this a special, unique and memorable night for My man and I, and all the family and friends who are able to come out.

Friday night we started thinking what if we pick something different. something REALLY different. if we have way less people. if we have it at a like beach front or something like that.
WHY when you say wedding the price goes up thousands. If i say party its one price wedding its a WHOLE new monster.

So we prolly gone be right at this spot in Pasadena.

We almost had the damn wedding in the front of are apartment building, it really pretty.

What we have(sorta): Location , Honey moon location
What we need: Dress, suit,bridal party, Flowers,DJ's, Photographer,Make- up artist,Hair stylist, Decorations, Cake .... and i am sure a bunch more shit.

5 months 3 weeks


  1. Oh, DAMN, you still be blogging?
    Girrrl, i feel out of touch. How the fuck we miss each others BDAY parties this year? WE SUCK! So, I will make it a habit to read this blog once a week and the Endeleys have to bring Godson over once every... okay two weeks, I dont wanna be greedy. So, how bout some 312 this weekend?


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