For nikki + plus updates

Ok now we can really get some planning jumping off. Im going to go and put the deposit on the location next month for sure.

After that I really don’t all the way know. I have a wedding planner now even though I haven’t met with her yet, she is one of my best friends we can knock this out in no time.

Speaking of friends NIKKI BLAK is having a birthday again this year. I guess she gone have one every year for the next 90 or so years so I betta get to remembering. I have been low key looking for gifts for her since like Jan. I aint found shit.

So I thought I would put together a lil montage of video’s for her from now until her birthday

The first video for nikki is. We don’t rock tracks like that.

Cuz what nik can do is some HAIR.

This video really touched me because how she spelled MESS. Im confused

Im sure you are wondering how come i have not talked about the great reality television that i have been watching. so let me just recap.

I Love Money: how old is safari? her voice is killing me. I cant wait for IT to start talking more because he is special.

on that note it came to me the other night when i was half watching Harlem heights, that i like foolishness. how the fuck want to see a bunch of people way younger then me making more money and doing more shit. i dont.

maybe i am a hater and i just like watching girls fight and act silly.

did you see the fight on bad girls club. oh shit google it. LOL

also for nikki:

Have a great day folks

I really need my own reality show ...

My son is crawling for real. just so you kno


  1. i need to see the crawling.
    how amazing

  2. Sometimes you need to spell "mess" with extra S's to really help ppl understand how much of a mess tha mess is. She right tho...we don't rock tracks like that, girl. LOL. Thank you for that. I'm so mad at tha second video. They shoulda neva gave you niggas internet!


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