For The Love of RAY J

The women, I mean girls are outrageous and I love it. I do I do.

It appears that it is going to be a pretty foolish show. Tons of jokes and Do Yo Daddy Know you do it like THAT! moments

So I wont recap the show but I WILL recap the women in no particular order –
Picture then Name:

Danger: tattoo on her face. Wack wack wack. She is pretty, really however get your shit right you going for the pin up thing with the fire red lips?? If you gone do it do it. She made it seem like she was better then the other girls because they were all over him. "they are making themselves look like sluts" BUT you got on panties and bra. Now I am no angel but if you walking around in your panties and bra just like the "sluts" whats that make you. I'm just saying.
She is very pretty in that racially confused kinda way.

Chardonnay: 100% why we watch shows like this, who are these girls that feel that strongly about shit. She was feeling no kinda way about pulling her leg up over head and banging her booty on the floor NO KINDA way. Talking about "haters", but then when he (rayj) didn't pick her right away and saved her til the end she was in tears because she showed to much of her hoe to soon. She's a stripper maybe her lines are too blurry

Cocktail: she didn't stand out to me but I hear she is the same girl from bad girls club season 1. Get a real job!!

Feisty: so far she may be my favorite she is over the top. Kissing his face and clowning. She seems to be comfortable already.

Genuine: The worse weave on the show!! She knew atleast 2 weeks ahead of time that she was going to be on TV. Carry yo ass to the shop and get that top of the line weave. The only "thick" one on the show, but she just looks raggedy

Hot Cocoa: why?? Why was she there?? She's gone now but really why. I guess she was supposed to fit in the Whitney Huston type.

Lil' Hood: I predict that she will get out of pocket real soon. Trust

Naturalle: she was pretty im sure we will see her in some low budget movies around LA

Unique: not fly, she looks washed out all one color and then baby pink lipstick. I see her
steez I guess she is a Natural hoe. Hoodrat in a head wrap. Bet she gone have a head wrap on at some point . trust.

Caviar: HUH? WHAT? I don't know what she said the whole show. She looks a lil like a man to me. but I hear she is a stripper, or a hoe. The jury is still out. She still a man !!

Atomic Bomb: Her voice is annoying; I had to take a restroom break.

Cashmere: I think you did the splits. IDIOT! ("im not looking for a splitter"-rayj)

Stacks: Or maybe it was You….. IDIOT

Stilts: Crickets (yawn)

Do yo Daddy know you do it like that. WOW!!!



    *takes a moment to compose myself*

    I wish you coulda seen how I just had my mouth open tha entire time I read this. Wooooow! This was tha best shit ever!


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