Ray J of love

2nd ep.

Nothing stands out. They are fake. 1st why would you think ray j is really gone fall in love with you, really.

the big girl is gone and the mexican girl that said nigga( i was pleased with that)

when he had the girls do a video cam talk i was like i have dated a dude on the road and i for sure would not give him a painting. YOU CANT PAINT. that shit looked BAD.

a rapp....o my lord this hoe was terrible 100% bad "if it aint about dollars it aint about Nathan" who is Nathan?? silly bitch, get off my tv.

chardonnay was the best to me, she did a poem that was not bad and then a banana split on her body. it was fresh. The big girl did a belly dance and it was ALL belly.

the hoe danger goes on a date with ray j and makes out with him. 2nd ep. FOR REAL is the rock of love?? LOL

but really i was most bothered by what they wore, on a yacht. now i am not a baler however i have seen enough movies to know that going on a big ass boat is NOT like going to the beach. they had on beach clothes and sneakers.... get your life together

to tell the truth nothing about this ep made me say i cant wait til next week.


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