wedding planning and the rest of the week

There is only one way your husband should react to saying i do.
I got that JOY JOY JOY JOY down in my heart!!

So lets see we are just about 5 months exactly away.

I will put the deposit on the location this week... YAY for tax refunds !!

I have a wedding planner now: Eboni aka Judy Holiday-

She loves me, she understands i may be calm and chill now BUT will prolly act crazy come August, I think she is ready, and like i said she loves me:

she came by the other night and we made it happen, i changed my colors again. I think i have my photographer and my invitation website, thats gonna be fresh a wedding website LOL.

In reality TV. i missed everything this week with overtime and wedding planning i cant find time for my shows LOL

but i did see I love money: poor bones =( i dont know what they were thinking.

MUSIC: I listen to this song a few times this morning and it made me feel great. I love good music.


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