Put a Ring on It.... work it out

I dont own one Beyonce tape or CD. I just never bought her stuff, we were talking about diffrent stuff then i was just a hater, then she got married right when mbela asked me, tryna steal my shine BITCH! however, this new song is HOT!

Now if you have been reading my blog for sometime then you recall my great relationship stories, we had coolbreeze, bigdraws,the rapper, the comedian, i never talked about the cop or the 5%er but they were all there.

So now that i have clearly fallin in love and moved 100% on, i get random messages like "WOW i cant believe you are having a baby" or this one was great ngh said "let me kno if i can help you with anything" i reply with "Oh my bad did i not metion that i am getting married and for the most part live my life as a married women, o my bad, but yeah i wont be needing you."

This song is great also because i was like no one wants to hear poems about how super happy i am, but im sure it would be funny to hear about how dudes be shocked when you move on. or what about when you be honest and say well you kno we were never a real offical couple, we were dating.

Needless to say the video is hot too, got me doing crunches, well not really (shit i just had surgery) LOL
but i did put on my layztrimmer.... LOL

www.layztrimmer.com yes i really bought it... Dont Judge me !!


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